Halloween Ultrasound

The ultrasound result showed that I had an enlarged uterus and a fibroid the size of a plum (6cm).  My friend and I affectionately named it “Plumpkin” since it was discovered on Halloween and is the size of a  plum (3″ diameter). The ultrasound was really uncomfortable because they had to do the test when my bladder…

First Gynecology Visit

Gyno #1 prescribed birth control pills. I thought that’d help, but I decided to double-check with  my GP.  He told me NOT to take them because, from a DNA test, I have a 20% chance of getting breast cancer. The estrogen from the BC pills would increase that chance and he suggested that I have…

Periods of Pain

My painful periods started years ago when I had a really bad cramp episode. I went to urgent care and the doctor told me that I had endometriosis.  She just told me to use a heating pad which never worked. A few years later, I saw my GP and mentioned that I was already taking the…

About Me

Operation Date 12/21/16 (Age: 43)
Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH) Kept Ovaries
Hard 6-cm Fibroids Covering Uterus (Cantaloupe-sized)
2 Nights Spent in Surgical Center
6 Week Recovery Time

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