My painful periods started years ago when I had a really bad cramp episode. I went to urgent care and the doctor told me that I had endometriosis.  She just told me to use a heating pad which never worked.

A few years later, I saw my GP and mentioned that I was already taking the maximum number of Advil a day and so he recommended that I alternate between Aspirin (inflammation) and Tylenol (pain) every 3 hours when my cramps are really bad.  So, I was taking 6 Aspirin and 6 Tylenol (12 pills total) during the first couple days of my period almost monthly – which is A LOT!

I’d also lose a lot of blood; I’d use 1 ultra tampon + 1 super pad within an hour, they’d both be soaked.  Something was wrong.

12 Pills a Day Keeps My Cramps Away

For several years, I followed that regimen. Sometimes I thought it was diet related so I tried to limit my dairy intake thinking that that was the cause for my terrible cramps and it seemed to work for a few months.

However, in October ’16, my cramps were terrible to the extent that, at work, I had to lie down in my car after having already taken 6 of my 12 pills. I left work early and nearly passed out on the way  home because the pain was so bad.  Also, a week after my periods from hell, I’d have back pain for a week so I’d still be taking OTC pain meds for that.

I made an appointment with a gynecologist