The ultrasound result showed that I had an enlarged uterus and a fibroid the size of a plum (6cm).  My friend and I affectionately named it “Plumpkin” since it was discovered on Halloween and is the size of a  plum (3″ diameter).

The ultrasound was really uncomfortable because they had to do the test when my bladder was full. I had to go to the bathroom SO bad!  Then, once the first test was done, I could pee…wait 15 minutes and then pee once again to get rid of the rest of the urine.  After the second time, the technician stuck a probe up my “area” to get a better view of the inside. That was pretty uncomfortable too.  Still…when it comes to health, it’s worth it.

The Results

Results were forwarded to my GP who asked Gyno #1 to contact me. I waited a week to hear back from Gyno #1 and heard nothing back so I made an appointment with Gyno #2, a specialist.

Waiting for the appointment, I knew that I wanted a hysterectomy. I was SO over the pain, the bleeding, etc. and I was fine not having kids. So I can’t wait to see her and get this thing over with!