My appointment was supposed to be in Jan ’17, but she had a last-minute cancellation on 11/22/16 so I took it!

Gyno #2  was totally with it and we got the ball rolling.  She looked at my fibroid and asked if I had back pain because it was a “decent-sized” mass that was pushing against my back. Before she began telling me about my options, I let her know that I was okay not having kids because I’m mid-40s, which increases my pregnancy risk. Her options were as follows:

  1. Birth Control pills – OUT because the estrogen would increase my risk of breast cancer
  2. IUD – OUT because the increased hormones could could also increase my breast cancer risk
  3. Cutting out the fibroid – OUT because the procedure could create divots, which causes blood to pool and create scars. These scars can hurt as bad as (or more than) the fibroid.
  4. Hysterectomy – removing uterus, tubes, cervix; leaving the ovaries since I still have ~10 years before menopause.

She said that options 1-3 would only “buy time” and option 4, the hysterectomy, would be the  best option.

Next Steps

I let her know that I definitely wanted the hysterectomy and said that someone will be calling me to schedule the pre-op appointment, surgery appointment, etc. She filled me in on the details of the surgery and recovery:

  • Method: abdomen cut above the bikini line because my uterus was too large and I’ve never had kids so having it done laparoscopically would be too difficult.
  • Recovery: 6-8 weeks
  • Schedule Surgery: Someone will call me within the next few days (usually the next day, but Thanksgiving was in 2 days) to schedule my operation
  • Schedule Pre-Op Appointment: needed to sign legal documents, ask any additional questions, etc.