When I found out that I was going to have surgery, I knew that I had to get ready physically and emotionally.

I also signed up for a number of hysterectomy groups on Facebook – look for Hysterectomy Sisterectomy, Hysterectomy Sisters 2.0, Hyster Sisters, etc. which helped a lot. I was able to read the Q&A of how others were managing their recovery so that I knew what questions to ask my doctor, etc.

From the groups above, I read that a lot of people had difficulty recovering because they were doing the following (against doctor’s orders, I might add):

  1. Didn’t rest enough. They were too eager to start exercising, cleaning their house or run errands.
  2. Not healthy. A lot of them looked overweight or didn’t know how to mind their diet or exercise.
  3. They had a lot of stress in their lives – family, friends, etc.

So, I reached out to my personal trainer to develop a nutrition plan so that I’ll heal quickly and have enough energy while recovering. I stuck with the plan and also worked on doing core strengthening exercises

I knew that I can’t really worry about the unknown so I was actually looking forward to the surgery. The doctor said that my pain would be better than the pain I experienced during my period so I felt okay about that.