My pre-op appointment with my gynecologist was 2 weeks before my 12/21 surgery.

I kept my clothes on and we just talked a little more about the surgery and signed the legal documents that ensures that I understand that I’m having a hysterectomy, that I’ll no longer be able to have children because they’ll be taking out my uterus, etc.

I asked more questions about what to expect about the surgery because, naturally, I was nervous about the unknown since I’ve never had a major surgery before. Here’s what I found out:

  • I’ll have a catheter
  • I’ll have a button to give myself pain meds when I need it.
  • The day of the operation, I’ll be sleeping most of the time and they’ll be trying to determine what dosage of pain killers I’ll need when I go home.
  • The second day will be the hardest because they’ll ask me to get up and walk around.
  • I’ll start feeling better by 1-2 weeks after the operation
  • Resting is most important for a smooth recovery
  • No lifting, pushing, cleaning the house, etc. At most, just walk.
  • Wait 4 weeks to do upper body exercises (lift < 10#)
  • Wait  6 weeks to do core strengthening exercises
  • Wait 6 months until high impact exercising
  • No soaking in tubs. Only take a shower and wash my back and not the front where the wound is. Pat dry any excess water from the wound area.