The next thing I remember after being in the operating room was waking up and having a couple of nurses around me. The room was white and the lights were really bright so it must’ve been the recovery room.

I remember saying “pain” whenever I felt it because my mom’s friend told me to say that if I ever felt anything.  I know that they nurses would be adjusting the painkiller dosage the first few hours. I kept saying “pain” and then the nurses said “we can’t increase your dosage. You’ll still feel a little pain.” and I said “ok”.

Feeling groggy, I remember them wheeling me back to my room and then telling me about the button for the machine to give me painkillers when I need it. I kept going in and out of consciousness, but I kept on pressing the button whenever I felt anything. The nurses told me to stop pressing the button so much because my blood pressure and heart rate dropped (i.e. I was ODing on the pain meds, LOL!).

I slept for most of the day and occasionally was awake here and there. I just felt really gross and didn’t want to move because the wound on my lower abs was really tender and I could tell that if I moved, it would hurt. They put in the catheter while I was asleep so I didn’t really feel it in me and I also had an ab binder.

I occasionally checked my phone for texts, but simply raising my phone to send a text was exhausting. I felt like I needed to take a nap after that!