I woke up early to drink my 8oz. of water and then just finished packing.  My mom’s friend was going to drive us to the surgical center and I was starting to get nervous.  I was more nervous about the recovery than the actual surgery since I knew I’d be asleep for it.

What sucked is that I got my period that morning.  My uterus wasn’t going to go away without a fight! I was starting to get cramps, but I had to avoid taking any meds because I didn’t want it to complicate the surgery. The nurse told me to avoid taking fish oil and only tylenol for pain, but I just avoided everything.

I checked in at 10:30am for my 12:30pm operation.  When they showed me my room, they asked me to take everything off, but they let me keep on my underwear since my period started. My room was pretty comfortable (the surgical center was like a hotel!)

I started to get nervous as time went on because this was going to actually happen! The nurses came in and told me to lie down on the bed and started asking me questions like if I had any allergies, if I took any meds, etc.  One nurse kept asking questions to distract me while the other nurse put in my IV, which took some time because I always have issues with my veins and needles. So that took longer than expected and I was getting even more nervous!

Once my IV was set, the anesthesiologist came in to ask me if I had any allergies, he asked me to open up my mouth and tilt my head back because they were going to intubate me while I was asleep so that I could breathe during the surgery.

Then the doctor came in to say “hello” and give me a last minute pep talk before surgery.

Time went by really fast with all sorts of things happening and I was happy about that because I didn’t want to just sit around and wait for the surgery to happen.

At around noon, the surgical nurse came in to walk me to the operating room. It felt like a long walk and that’s when I started to get really nervous. I walked into the room (which looks a lot like the featured image on this post) and I saw all of the operating tools and I could feel my knees starting to shake.  They moved me around really fast and I lied down on the table.

The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist looking over me and letting me know that he was going to “give me a little something” that might make me drowsy. I just said “ok” and that was it. I was out for the count.