On Christmas Day, I opened up my presents from my boyfriend in bed. I got a welcome mat, a kitchen pad mat, and a magic bullet.  He made us cinnamon rolls in bed (!) and sausage. Once again, we just watched Christmas movies in bed. My lower abs were still swollen and numb today.

I noticed that in the morning, after my normal struggle to get out of bed, my wound didn’t hurt so much. I decided to nix whatever the nurses told me about getting up each hour and tried to get up every other hour.

One thing that I tried was that after I went through my pain to the bathroom and back to my bed, I sat up in bed for a few minutes before lying down. That seemed to get things to settle down a bit so that I could have a second wind to go through my struggle to lie back down in bed and rest.

There was some pain still even when I was lying down, so I tried to sit up in a camping chair for a few hours in the afternoon. By evening, my belly was swelly and I was feeling a lot of pain so I returned to my bed to rest.  Still, that was a small achievement.