I took a week off to adjust to the surgery and so, I had to return online after the Christmas holidays. I’m working from home for 6 weeks so I asked my mom to bring my laptop to my room so that I could work from bed which wasn’t too bad!

I noticed small improvements each day – mostly gauging what time my stomach started to swell up and hurt. Each day, it swelled up and hurt later which means that I’m getting better. My wound was still a little numb.

Every morning, however, my foot was asleep, which was really weird. It could be because I was sleeping on my back with my knees bent and I probably didn’t move much. By noon, my foot was somewhat back to normal.

It still hurt to stand up for long periods of time – even when I was brushing my teeth in the morning so I walked very slowly to the bathroom and plopped down on the toilet where, once I was sitting down, the pain subsided.

I also stopped taking my Norco because it was giving me a rash. I had red splotches on both sides of my back and my stomach.