On day 9, I took a towel bath and, with my mom’s help, washed my  hair in the kitchen sink and I felt so much better. I was able to sit up in a chair and even sat on my couch (on a pillow).  I got a swelly belly by the evening and had to lie down on the sofa, but I was feeling positive about my recovery because the improvements were very noticeable.

Whenever I got a swelly belly, I used an ice pack and the swelling went down by a lot. My lower abs weren’t numb anymore and my wound doesn’t hurt much when I touch it, but it’s still quite sensitive.

By day 11, I was able to take a shower and have been since then every day. I still can’t wash my hair, but I feel close to normal now!  I still walk slowly and have to sit down from time to time.

As for meds, I’m still taking my Motrin at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm and take Tylenol when I feel a little pain (1x a day as needed).  I still wear comfy sweats every day. My belly is quite swollen still – it looks like I’ve been eating too much pizza all day (really thick).

I’m going to go back on my nutrition plan within the next couple of days (by week 2) which will help a lot. I’ve also been sitting in the camping chair and pushing myself up with my arms to work out my triceps so that I don’t feel like I’m not doing anything productive.

I still intend on resting until week 4. Then I’ll start doing upper body with bands and my 2# weights, but I’ll see how things are by my post-op appointment on Jan 13th.