Today I went to the doctor for my post-op appointment so that she could take off the tape. She took it off and said that my scar would heal well, but as she was taking it off, she ripped off some of my skin. But the scar doesn’t seem to hurt that much anymore! In fact, the parts that the tape ripped off hurts more than my incision. 🙂

I think whatever tightness I was feeling before, was from the tape *phew*!

I’m trying to stick to my meal plan, but really need to keep track of my portion control.

Appointment results

  • 4 weeks:  I can start upper body lifting! Until then, don’t lift anything.
  • 6 weeks: Start lower-body workouts (or cardio). Do lots of walking.
  • Wear ab ab binder only if it helps me (for back support)

On the interesting side, my period minder says that it’s supposed to start tomorrow….haha! Can’t wait for nothing to happen 🙂