The wait is over! Today marks the 1 month hysterversary and I’m feeling close to normal. I still feel a little sore (slightly) on my left side, which was where I felt the searing pain the first couple of weeks, but it’s not that bad.  It’s more like my body is saying “Be careful…I’m not completely healed yet!”

I tried to do some upper body movements now that I’m at 4 weeks since my doctor said that I could. Yesterday I tried a Leslie Sansome walking video, thinking “It’s low impact. It won’t be that bad!”. Wrong! Halfway in, I started to feel a tinge of a bruise sensation so I just followed the arm movements and still got a good workout. I used 2# weights.

Today, I tried to do chest presses on my yoga mat with 4# weights, work my triceps and some rows (for my back). That was ok. I also tried to put my arms above my head with the 4# weights to see how I’d fare, and it was quite difficult because I felt a tightness in my stomach around the incision – so I stopped. Instead, I put the weights down and just used my body weight, which was quite a workout! I didn’t realize how tight my shoulders have gotten since I’ve been sedentary for so long.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to come up with a body weight exercise regimen to get back in shape.