It’s been around 2 months since my operation and I’m feeling really well!  However, there are still some things I can’t do.

#1: Wear Jeans

While I can fit in my jeans and wear them comfortably, a day or so after, I feel A LOT of soreness (like bruising) around my left side where I had the most pain during recovery. I think it’s because jeans don’t have much give around my waist (I don’t have a small waist – I’m straight up and down) so things get tightened around that area above my incision.

All I notice is that when I wear my looser-fitting khakis (even with a belt) or skirts/dresses that aren’t very tight, I don’t feel much pain at all.

#2: Jump

While I was doing my exercise viedos, I noticed that I can’t do jumping jacks or any type of jumping during the warmup session.  Every time I landed back on the ground, it felt like my wound was being squished and it felt sore like my tissue (a.k.a. fat, lol) was pounding on the wound or something like that.

#3 Take Long Strides While Walking

Similar to working out on my elliptical training machine, any type of overstretching seems to upset my incision area.  I have long legs so I’m used to taking long strides while I walk. For now, I’m taking shorter steps while I walk and I take around two or three 10-15 minute walks with co-workers.

#4: Ab Exercises

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to strengthen my abs. I had a weak core even before my operation and, one of the bonuses of having the operation, being able to workout every week without worrying about my period pains was something I was looking forward to.

I’ve tried to do the bird dog exercise, but every time I reach out, my incision area feels like a rubber band that’s about to snap.  I mean, I know it won’t actually snap or anything, but I know that it feels like my body is saying “not yet!”.

For now, I’m doing standing ab exercises, but try not to jerk too hard while doing them.  I hope that helps.