Here I am at week 9 and I felt sore all week. I’m not sure why. I normally felt the soreness whenever I walked.

At work, I’ve been walking 2-3 times a day (around 3000 steps according to my pedometer) so maybe that’s it? I’m not sure.

I’ve also been exercising  a lot more – at least 4x a week. I’ve been sticking to lifting weights, but nothing more than 8# and I use my resistance bands to workout my shoulders. I still can’t do much on my abs though, but maybe next week, I’ll try out the elliptical again.

So I cheated a little bit and had some pie and banana pudding (it was my boyfriend’s birthday so I made too much, lol). But after 1-2 days of splurging,  I gained 4#, but got back down to just 2# over what I was by minding my meal portions. I still hope to get back down 2 more by this weekend.  Kinda sucks that just a couple of days of eating too much takes around a week to get back to where you were before 😦

Recipe of the week: I made a crust-free frittata with eggs, mixed veggies (frozen) and vegan cheese. I added some spices and a little homemade sausage. I put it in an 8×8 glass pan and baked it at 350-degrees for 50 minutes.  It came out really good!

Meal prep is a pain, but it’s worth it.