I knew how long recovery would be and how I’d have to rest my body and I also know how much I loved eating junk food like cookies, chips…anything tasty…when I wasn’t feeling so well.  Because of that, I asked my trainer to develop a meal plan for me because I’ve been working hard at trying to be healthy.

I should add that I’m not in good shape at all even though people think that I am – I’m skinny fat.  I can barely do a girl pushup, get winded while I’m walking up stairs and find 8# weights quite heavy.  She said that my fitness level is a 3 out of 10.  So when I’m giving exercise advice…it’s for people like me who are new to fitness 🙂

One thing that I discovered post-op is that even one day of cheat meals will take around a week of clean eating to get back to where I was before the cheat meal.  In my case, a cheat meal would be the 4-course weekday special (M-Th only) at Red Lobster (which is totally awesome, by the way!).  I went there with my boyfriend for his birthday and you get a soup, salad, entree AND dessert for only $17.95!!! I highly recommend it for special occasions only (it being “Thursday” doesn’t count as a special occasion, lol!).

I went back to my clean eating which included at lot of protein. I admit that I went a little off the plan for snacks, but I tried to keep it clean (nuts, 1/2 a fruit, 1/8 of a sweet potato, 2 hardboiled eggs, etc.).

In a nutshell, my main meals are as follows:


  • 4 Egg whites + 1 cup oatmeal


  • 4 oz chicken +  1 cup veggies


  • 4 oz chicken or fish + 1 cup veggies

I also kept exercising by doing workout videos.  I have the P90X videos and did my best following the video’s pacing. I had to modify a lot of the exercises and used lighter weights when I had to, but my heart rate reached round 140-150.

The elliptical machine still makes my incision sore, but I’ll keep on trying to do a 30-minute workout each week to see if I have any improvements.

Anyways, the key to this post is that keeping the weight off is ALL about nutrition and portion size.  I’ll be sharing some recipes that I hope you’ll try.  I’m not much of a cook so I’ll be choosing REALLY simple recipes.