Last week, I decided to start going to the gym before work rather than workout after work to get it over with. I found that when I exercised in the morning, my back was a lot less stiff and I had a bit more energy (other than the afternoon “drowsies”!) than if I had not worked out.

I wanted to see how much my body could take at 3+ months post-op so here’s what I did:

Monday, Tuesday: 30 mins treadmill (with occasional 15 second jogs)

Wednesday: lunges (forward and side), squats and step-ups at the park (stepups = stepping up and down off a picnic bench).

Thursday: 30 mins treadmill (with occasional 15 second jogs)

Friday: P90X arms and back

On Saturday, I felt a little soreness which meant that I overdid it.  My trainer said to not push so hard otherwise I could develop a hernia (!!!). Then, on Sunday, the soreness was a little milder, but then when I stepped out of the shower, I felt a sharp pang – much like a rubber band snapping for a quick second.  That’s when I knew that I REALLY overdid it in terms of exercising. 😦

This week, I’m still going to plan on going to the gym, but I’m not going to do interval training (the cardio bursts).  I’m going to, instead, focus on stamina.

This week, my plan is about the same:

Monday:  Legs and back (P90X)

Tuesday, Thurs: cardio machine for 30 mins (aiming to get my heart rate to 150+ by increasing intensity)

Wednesday: Shoulders and arms (P90X)

Friday: Chest and back (P90X)

I’ll see if I’m sore after this week….