I’m still hoping that I can start exercising like how I was before my operation, so I tried to do some real planks where I held it for around 10 seconds. I was able to do that, but then the next day, I felt really sore. So here are some exercises that I’m going to avoid:

  • Planks – The area around my incision still isn’t strong enough to sustain my  body weight.
    • What I’m doing instead – I don’t want to lose the strength in my core, so I’m trying to engage my core muscles while sitting. My trainer always says to “engage your core muscles” while doing everything. So I Googled it and found this video, which explained a lot.

  • Back Bends – I overstretched my stomach which, I think, caused some soreness. I’m still doing my yoga studio app but I have to simplify the beginner videos. Here are some of the simplified exercises that I do for beginning backbends.
    • What I do instead – I’m not that flexible AT ALL so I don’t try stuff like the Dhanurasana pose on that the website especially since it’ll stretch out the area around my incision.  I replace the Half Bhekasana pose with a front thigh stretch like this one.

Anyways, I did those exercises last week (week 16) and am still sore in week 17. In fact, I went for a walk at work today and felt a strong pang of pain and it’s sore to the touch 😦  I tried to do the elliptical today and felt sore so I’m going to have to take a break from it and do some stretching instead to stretch out my already tight hamstrings and open up my hips.

Everyone is different, but this is just what happened to me around this time post-op. Usually it takes about 1-2 weeks for the soreness to go away.