(That’s not me in the picture, but it represents how I’m feeling right now after 22 weeks!)

Here I am a little over 5 months post-op and I still can’t believe that I’ll never be getting another period again. I was at work, in one of the bathroom stalls and I could hear the person next to me open up a tampon and doing her thing. I thought “Wow…I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore…you know, the rushing to the bathroom because my tampon and pad are soaked, having blood drip on the floor because I was bleeding so much, etc.

I’m totally free! ūüėÄ

What I’ve Been Doing So Far:

Minding What I Eat:

I’ve been working out a lot. I’m still on my meal plan from my trainer: lots of protein (4oz. chicken or fish and eggs)¬†paired with 1 cup of veggies, small snacks (handful) outside of my main meals.

Exercising More:

I’ve got that down, but now I’m working on amping up my workout schedule by doing more cardio and trying to hit my target heartrate (220-your age). For me, that’s 177. I’ve been trying to rech 177, but my highest has been around 156. I also need to try expending 3500 calories a week to lose 1#, which is around 500 calories a day if I workout every day. This is my first week doing 30 mins cardio + some weight training after work. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What My Body Feels Like:

Right now, the numbness has mostly gone away (I just touched my scar right now to see, lol). It feels a little bruised directly on the scar, but it doesn’t hurt. It basically doesn’t feel like how it was before my operation and it’s sort of a reminder that I had something done and am not fully healed yet.

What the Scar Looks Like:

The scar is still prominent – sort of reddish purple. ¬†Before my operation, my doctor said that “it’ll be a small scar” so I was thinking that it wouldn’t be very noticeable. ¬†It still sticks out from the rest of my skin so anyone looking at it would know that I was cut open there. Still, it’s so “down there” such that…unless I’ll be hanging out in any nude beaches (which I totally *won’t* be), it’s not a big deal. ¬†As long as I wear some bikini underwear or anything like that (not like I’ll be wearing a bikini anytime soon!), it won’t show at all.

Anyways…so far so good. And now…I’ll end this post with…

Things I Can Do at 22 Weeks That I Couldn’t Before

What I can do

  1. I can do twists, but have to be mindful of not jerking too much. I tried some trunk twists and was okay the next day, but I also noticed that I felt a little tight a couple days after – like a super tight rubber band. It didn’t hurt, it just felt…tight like how your hands feel when you need lotion.
  2. I can do planks…well, about as well as I could do them before my operation, lol.
  3. I can do side planks
  4. I can do squats, lunches, dead lifts
  5. I can do jumping jacks

What I’m avoiding

  1. I’m still avoiding lifting anything too heavy and am sticking with 5# weights. E.g. I won’t be holding the 5# weights right in front of me with my arms stretched out because I still have to engage my core muscles around the¬†scar. It still feels a little “iffy” and I don’t want to risk feeling sore for a week so I’m going to wait awhile longer to try this.
  2. I haven’t tried on my jeans yet. ¬†I was wearing a skirt a few weeks ago and when I sat down, the waist area pinched my stomach. Normally, it wouldn’t bother me, but at the end of the day, I felt just a little twinge of soreness
  3. I’m avoiding lower ab exercises where I’m supporting my legs straight out. ¬†My lower abs aren’t ready for that yet.

I still plan on making a chart to have a visual representation of how things are week-by-week, but I’ve been crazy busy. I hope to do it soon though.

Plus, I still need to share my recipes for paleo brownies (they’re not as bad as they sound!), bread alternatives, tortilla pizza, etc. ¬†I just need to practice on perfecting them (at least to my taste, haha! I’m no Martha Stewart!) before I share it.